Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yaeyama and the Okinawa travel report Part21 Isigaki beef yakiniku

Ishigaki beef!

I eat.
We ate delicious local dishes last evening.

It is the yakiniku which we eat tonight.
Ishigaki beef!

Some delicious beef is in Japan.
Kobe, Matsusaka, Yonezawa, Tajima, and Omi and so on.
Ishigaki beef is high-class like there.

I don't care.
I rarely eat premium beef.

The Ishigaki beef is popular.
This is most popular Yakiniku restaurant in the Ishigaki Island.

I go by the taxi.
The yakiniku restaurant located at quiet street.

There is signboard at the entrance.
I have to check.

Mark of "Ishigaki beef".

Is not "Migi gaki gyu".

I reserved.
Since this restaurant is very popular.

Wooden signboard 

Appearance and an inside are clean.

Orion draft beer.
I drink.

I asked the staff recommendation.
He say "Yaki syabu" and "Nikotan".
Nikotan is tongue stew.


So this is yakiniku restaurant.
I placed an order for "Yaki syabu".

"Sio tongue" and "Yaki syabu"

The meat sliced thinly is roasted lightly and eaten together with an onion.
With ponzu sauce.

Mimi-san eats Yaki syabu

Oh, I see,this is Ishigaki beef.
This is recommended menu.
Although it is delicious, it cannot be satisfied yet.

I always eat this one in Yakiniku restaurant.
Sio tongue.
With lemon.

Mimi-san eats Sio tongue

But not at that stage.
I have expectations to Ishigaki beef.

Galbi,High-grade Galbi,Loin.
Those distinction became impossible to me.

Galbi,High-grade Galbi,Loin

I take care so that it may not be grilled too much.
With sauce.


What is this?

I ate three kinds of beef.
All the beef are very delicious.

It is very tender.
It can bite by small power.
Three kinds differ in the quantity of fat.

The taste of fat and the taste of beef are good.
Seasoning of meat is good.
And the taste of sauce is good.

Can eat such delicious beef at any time.
Ishigaki island's people is lucky.

I also eat Internal organs.
Perhaps this is miso sauce.


I cannot bite it off.
The timing to swallow it is difficult.
Courage is required.

That here is different.
It is great.
I can bite off.

I can bite off easily.
I can swallow easily.

It seems to be konjak.
It is an overstatement.

What is different?

Side menu.


Kimchi and Namul.




What is that?

The staff was carrying it to another table.
A red rice ball.
It catch my heart.

I have to place an order.

Mimi-san eats Akamusubi
Two large.
I have become full.
Red of kochujang.

A taste like bibimbap .

I usually eat only beef at Yakiniku restaurant.

For me to place an order for this is that it is rare.


Ishigaki Island is known for culture of a prawn.

A fresh shrimp.

It seasons by Shio-koji.

Soft shell.

It grill lightly.

A prawn is grilled

Shell is soft.
I can eat the head.

Shrimp Miso.

It will become hard if it grill deeply.

Mimi-san eats Prawn

Body is also delicious.
It has sweet taste.
Sweetness different from a northern shrimp.

This is so nice.
It was good to place an order.

The Naengmyeon at the last.

So My stomach was full, I was thinking whether to order.
Totori Naengmyeon.
San-in district?

Totori Naengmyeon

Powder of an acorn.

It is rare.
I thought that I would like to eat it.

Mimi-san with Totori Naengmyeon

Black noodles.
Resistance to the teeth.
Scissors are not needed.

Soup of sour little taste refreshing.
I ate up.

Ishigaki beef yakiniku.
Very nice..

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