Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yaeyama and the Okinawa travel report Part07 Fruit Juice

At the Kawahira bay, it was regrettable.

It goes to the hotel at which we will stay from now on.

On the way, there is a farm which serves fruit and fresh Juice.
We decided to drop in.

Nice operating hours

There is a large parking lot.

There is a big umbrella at the bottom of the garden.
There are some tables under the umbrella.

The sea can be seen from between trees.
It is good.

The sea beyond the trees

Guava juice and Mixed juice.
A mix is a mango base.

Guava juice and Mixed juice

Guava is a deep taste.
It is delicious.

Mimi-san drinking guava

This farm has fruit, zenzai, and so on.

A hammock is pleasant.
The back is a cliff.
It is necessary to be careful.

Mimi-san enjoying the hammock

It can also get down to the seashore.
On the way, there is a field of Asplenium antiquum.

Forest Asplenium antiquum

There is a coast, such as private beach.

Can see the bright beautiful scenery.

But is low tide

It is a good place to break in the middle of a drive.

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