Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Yaeyama and the Okinawa travel report Part12 Breakfast of the hotel in Ishigaki Island

Breakfast is a restaurant of a hotel and is a buffet style.
In my trip, the breakfast of this style is often eaten.

The open time of a restaurant will usually be at 6:30.
Since it is during a spring-vacation period when we carry out, it opens at 6:00.
The restaurant is very crowded between 6:30 and 7:30.

Therefore, we went the restaurant at open time.
There is a schedule of a tour of islands on that day.
Since it had a margin at the time of a pickup, having opened at 6:00 was fortunate.

We sat on the seat of a window side.
Ishigaki Island.
The westernmost in Japan.
In Nagoya, it is the time which is already bright.
But it is still dark.
It is visible to a supper scene.

Still dark outside of a window

The dish currently prepared is a Japanese style Western style Okinawa style.
It seems to be all delicious.


I had the omelet made.


In the omelet, I had the ham put.
Although i also ate scrambled eggs.

Two types of scrambled eggs

Because it is a frying pan teflon coating.
Was not scorched.
Form not collapse.
It is a good finish.

Not scorch

Because i like Fu Chanpuru.
I eat.
Delicious as I thought.

Mimi-san eating Fu Chanpuru

Miso soup of sea lettuce.

Sea lettuce Miso soup

The miso soup in a large pot.
The pan is too large and is not noticed.

Big pot of miso soup

Many people who are looking for miso soup.
I saw two or more people who ask for the location of miso soup to staff.

The pineapple for dessert.

Dessert corner

Pineapple of Yaeyama have a good reputation in the sweetness.
Was sweet as expected.
Although there is not the conclusive evidence of Yaeyama production.

It was almost full by the time we finished eating.
The seat for breakfast was prepared in the lounge and the hall on this day.
It is because it is a lot of time of the guest that is.

There was not the person who waited for a seat to become vacant.
If you have scheduled a tour, i recommend that you eat breakfast as soon as possible.


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