Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yaeyama and the Okinawa travel report Part02 Centrair breakfast

The airplane used by this trip is an early morning departure.
Therefore, i ate breakfast at the airport.
The restaurant does not open early morning.
The place whose light meal is ready is opened a little early.

Airport early in the morning

It is still earlier than usual this time.
Therefore, there was not opened.

Since the stand was open, i bought bento.
Sora ben. 

Chubu international airport.
So, i want to eat Nagoya cuisine.

I chose the fried shrimp.

Large fried shrimp bento

A large shrimp is two.
It seems to be delicious.

The large two

however .
The fried shrimp of Bento may have a problem.

It shows thickly by batter.
It shows long by batter.
In fact, a shrimp is small.

I thought so and ate.

And yet.
That was not the case.

The balance of a shrimp and batter is good.

I failed a little.
Although i thought it is Worcestershire sauce, it was miso sauce.
It is the same as miso-katsu sauce.

Fried shrimp with miso sauce.
It is not bad.
It is delicious although it is somewhat sweet.
I like Worcestershire sauce yet.

Since I thought that it was Worcestershire sauce, I also used tartar sauce.

Fried shrimp with tartar sauce.
It is a good combination.
I like it to the next of Worcestershire sauce.

However, don't mix tartar sauce and bean paste sauce.

Large fried shrimp

This is delicious bento.
Please do not mix sauce.

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