Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yaeyama and the Okinawa travel report Part05 First day lunch

I have rented a car. So I sightseeing in Ishigaki Island.

Lunch before doing so.

Restaurant near the car rental office.
The rental car staff introduced there to me. 

Appearance of restaurant
This restaurant is famous for Miso-soba.

Okinawa soba is a taste of a little thin in the bonito soup stock.
It should be the same in Yaeyama.

Yet miso?
I wondered.

I entered the restaurant.

It is the atmosphere of an eating house in Okinawa.


Pirikara-Miso-Soba is recommended menu.
In miso soba, topped with spicy meat miso.

Miso soup base has light taste.
The taste is lighter than miso soup.
However taste of soup stock is deep.

Mimi-san eat miso soba

Cross-section of the soba rounded.
Main island of Okinawa's one are flat.
Is this type common in Yaeyama? 


Pirikara-Miso on the rice.
I look so little spicy.

I thought so, but the soft-boiled egg is with it too.
What about?
Soft-boiled egg and miso and rice.

It must be delicious. 

I crushed the egg,and spread on top of the rice.
A bite.

Mimi-san eating Pirikara-bowl

The delicious as expected.

Egg makes miso spiciness little mild .

This Pirikara-bowl.
Can also cheese topping.
It is also attractive little.

I was able to eat a good lunch.

By the way, here are also open at night.
There were several menu of Okinawa cuisine in the evening.

I would like to eat.

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