Friday, March 21, 2014

#09 Seimei-Jinja:Kyoto shrine visiting

1. Mimi-san go to Seimei-Jinja from Kitano-Tenmangu

The trip of the tour around the Kyoto shrine of Mimi-san.
Finally I visit to Seimei-Jinja.

Here is not one of the most famous shrine.
However, it is famous for Onmyoji Abe no Seimei.

It is very suitable for those who like a fantasy.

There is a torii of first on the Horikawa street.


There is a parking lot.
However, it is a small shrine.
Therefore, many cars cannot be parked.

2. Mimi-san to the worship of Seimei-Jinja

The place in which Seimei-Jinja is located.
That is a place with the mansion of Seimei.

There is a Ichijo Modohashi .

Ichijo Modohashi and Shikigami

There is a statue of Shikigami.

Five-pointed star of Torii

There is a main hall on the inside of the Shi-shin-mon.


There is Chozuya on the right side.
There is Seimei well. 

Seimei well
And a main shrine.
An enshrined deity is Abeno Seimei.

Main shrine
There is a camphor tree in front of the main shrine.

3, Mimi-san surprised to red seal

Since worship finished, I tried to get the red seal.

Sacred tree of camphor tree
The charm etc. are sold at the precincts of a temple.
I get red seal in there.

Abeno Seimei
There are some kinds of charms.


I submitted the red seal book there.

"It's a stamp, but do you no problem?"
She said.

I got the first time red seal of the stamp. 

Red seal of the stamp

In shrines and temples all.
Red mark is a stamp.
However, this shrine was also stamped black characters.