Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gourmet Report:Pizza lunch,Nisshin

I became want to eat pizza for lunch on public holidays.

The pizza of door-to-door delivery may be nice.
But we need to buy ingredients etc. Therefore,we will dine out .

I do not know the delicious pizza house near the house.
It does not understand, although I investigated on the website.

I chose a popular chain restaurant where is located in a location that is some distance from home.

There are two same chain restaurants in the same distance from a house.
I thought again.

I chose the restaurant located in Takenoyama.

The situation of this neighborhood changed.

Long time ago,there was only a raccoon dog or a female college student.

The chain restaurant of various kinds.
Large-sized clothing store.
Super public bath.
There were also a hospital, a bank, and a laundromat.

Bank is drive thru.
Is it required?

Laundromat is also prosperous.
There is the staff of traffic control in parking.

The pizza house which we chose.
It was located here from before than them.

Pizza house
Since we arrived a little early, the parking lot is vacant.
Looks not have to wait.
If ill-timed, it is necessary to wait.

Water was carried after we had at a table.
It is carbonated water.
The carbonated water included in the bottle of blue glass is placed on the table.

Dish is mainly pizza and a pasta.


There is a set that can be selected one by one from the pizza and pasta.
Pizza or pasta with appetizer and dolce set.

An appetizer is a buffet style.

We want to eat only pizza.

The pasta of this restaurant is also delicious.
Dried noodles or fresh noodles can be chosen.
There is also a cream pasta of parmigiano.

But I would like to eat pizza today.

The Caesar salad was also ordered.

The Caesar salad

The bacon of a Caesar salad is just fried.
It is slightly warm.
Just now fried.

Pescatore and Capricciosa Rosso.

A seafood and meat.
It is good balance.

If the short-necked clam was contained in pescatore, I did not choose.
A shrimp, a squid, and a scallop.

Pescatore came first.


The taste of a seafood is good.

The seafood cut finely matches the taste of sauce and cheese.

Capricciosa is a lot of meat.

Capricciosa Rosso

A sausage, bacon, uncured ham. 
And arugula.

It is full of processed meat product.
This is good.

The meat processed products has saltiness.
Arugula’s light bitterness will match.

I thought when I eat Pescatore, it's deep seasoning.
But Capricciosa is more deep.

Both are delicious though.

Mimi-san eating pizza
Pointed parts of pizza.
It contains a little moisture.
It was hang down when I have.

But, It is a delicious part where there is sauce.

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