Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gourmet Report:Udon lunch Nagoya

Lunch on Sunday.
Let's eat light lunch.
It became such a thing.

Udon fit light lunch.

My some favorite Udon restaurant exists near here.


I would like to eat light Udon.
Cold Udon.

It decided to go to one of the favorite Udon restaurant.
The udon restaurant tucked away in a residential area.

Udon Restaurant

Hand-made Udon.
The udon has "Koshi" . And delicious udon are eaten.

Cold menu
Cold Udon.
It is "koro".
I like it.

Udon iced with water and a little cold dashi.
It is the same as Bukkake.


Since it was a rare opportunity.
With tempura.

Let's eat.

Mimi-san eating koro

It is good!

The udon of the day is very good.

Koshi, taste, texture.
Those balance.

The "Dashi" improves udon taste.
It is a little sweet.

Tempura is a shrimp.
Just fried.

Mimi-san eating Shrimp tempura

Crispy texture is enjoyed first.
It is nice. 

A shrimp is sweet.

Next, it eats, after sinking under udon.
Batter inhales sweeter Dashi and the taste changes.
Naturally it changes deliciously.

It is like tempura tsuyu.

And the oil of batter moves to dashi.
Depth is added to the taste of dashi.

If it sinks for a long time, batter will separate from a shrimp.
Let's eat to good timing.

This udon is so delicious as would like to eat forever.

The entrance of the restaurant
I chose udon this time.
We can choose the Sova noodle or a Kishimen noodle.


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