Friday, June 21, 2013

Gourmet Report:Tebasaki Moriyama,Nagoya

Supper on Saturday.
We considered what will eat.

Food of Nagoya.
Chicken dishes.

Chicken wing,Tebasaki.

It determined to eat Tebasaki of Nagoya.

Many izakaya in Nagoya have a tebasaki.

There are two especially famous izakaya in Nagoya.
Both of the izakaya are chain.

Tebasaki Izakaya

The izakaya which we chose is that a tebasaki is slightly small and sweet, and its dishing up is beautiful.
Another one is delicious too.

There are three the izakaya near my home.
There is not any difference.
l which chose Shikenya-ten since there was a parking.

The tavern faces the street.
It can discover easily.
A parking is the reverse side of a building.

We sat on the tatami seat.

The staff comes to hear the order of a drink.
Don't say so.

First of all, you have to place an order for a tebasaki.

Because, it requires time for being done.
You should order it early because you want to eat it early .

It is still better, if an order can be placed as soon as it goes into inside of a izakaya.

We are three persons.
I ordered tebasaki Five dishes.

Too many?

A tebasaki is small.
And the bone is included.
You must abandon half of the volume.

And since it is delicious, we can eat a lot.

There are two women.
Therefore, the 5 dishes.
If it is all a man, it have no problem even if more.
It can perform simply that eat three dishes by one persons.

However, must not order 3 times of the number of person.

Tebasaki is delicious when just fried.
It is the same as that of other fried food.

It becomes gradually not delicious.
It becomes hard.

Therefore, it is necessary to place an order for a proper quantity.

This izakaya has the dishes except the tebasaki.

There are many kinds of the chicken dish, too.

Chicken dish

The chicken dish which I eat at this izakaya is only a tebasaki.
Because I like it.

Dishes other than chicken

I ordered the dish which was not a chicken.
Tuna Sashimi, a crabmeat salad, a small horse mackerel, a pork rib, eggplantan miso cheese.

Tuna Sashimi

The menu on the wall.

Menu on the wall

Sashimi is fresh.
Crabmeat salad is delicious.

Crabmeat salad

A tebasaki is chicken.
Therefore, I would like to also eat pork.

Pork rib

A tebasaki is a bone more than half.
Therefore it is hard to eat a little.


There is an efficient way of eating. 

Tebasaki with Mimi-san

There is a commentary of how to eat on the table.
There is how to eat four patterns. 

How to eat Tebasaki

I like the method of removing a joint and extracting a bone in a mouth. 

Only bone

If a tebasaki is hot, it is easy to perform it.

It's very good.

And it is slightly sweet.
The sesame is good, too.

I make an additional order .

Timing is important. 

It is not good to order it when finished eating all.
It is necessary to wait until it is carried. 

It is difficult to order to the timing for which it is not necessary to wait.

I ordered additionally, when it decreased to four piece. 

However, it was slightly late. 

Additionally order

Meanwhile, I ate a Ume-kurage.

We can bring Tebasaki home. 

I can eat again in a house after eating it which is delicious at a izakaya.

There is a store specializing in take-outs of tebasaki of this izakaya in the underground shopping center of Nagoya Station.
Convenient to eat at home after work. 
Convenient to eat with the Shinkansen.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yaeyama and the Okinawa travel report Part23 Ishigaki airport

We check out after breakfast.

We can take Buss from this hotel to Ishigaki Airport.
An adult, 510 yen one way.
It operates according to the time of an airplane.

In a taxi, 2500 yen.

To an airport

We are three persons.
We went to the airport by taxi.
It is only 20 minutes.

Sign to Ishigaki Airport

I shopping in Ishigaki Airport.

Ishigaki Airport

There are some shop.
I buy a souvenir.

Airport Shop

Ishigaki beef Hamburg steak is popular.
I bought it for myself.

Since it is freezing, I cannot bring home.
I send it.

It was reasonable.

Ishigaki beef Hamburg steak

Since it was very reasonable, I did not think that it was delicious.

It cooked and ate at home.


It is a very ordinary taste.
It is the ground meat which salty taste.

Nevertheless, it is delicious.

Sauce is unnecessary.
It is delicious only with meat.


It is delicious with bread.

The others, it is a smoke-dried cuttlefish.
The Yaeyama kamaboko is also delicious.

Keep Refrigerated.
I have deliver it.

The chocolate of Ishigaki Island Loyce is also delicious.
Kokuto rusk.
It is not too sweet.

Character of Yaeyama"Pikarya"


It looks like "Bu-suka".
The map of the island of Yaeyama is drawn on the chest.
It seems to be stain.

The bought souvenir

I was sitting down and resting.
There was Soba snack bar.

Soba snack bar

I ate a little Yaeyama soba.
I have not eaten perfect soba.

However, I ate much breakfast.
To lunch, it is still early.

I ate

In fact, i ate.

Tasty soup of the Dashi and the Yaeyama soba where a section is round.
It was good to eat.


There are some light meals besides Soba.

The flight time to Naha is 1 hour.
It is served a drink in the airplane.

I ate "Ju shi kamaboko" which I bought at Ishigaki Airpor in the airplanet.

Ju shi kamaboko

I bought this.
Soba was also eaten.

I eat it in the inside of a plane

Because I wanted to eat it.
Because it looked delicious.
Because I wanted to eat something on the flight.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gourmet Report:Curry Udon Miyoshi

There are many kind  of Nagoya special product.

Miso nikomi,Hitsu mabushi,Kishimen,Ankake supa,Temmusu.
Tebasaki,Ogura toast,Miso katsu,Sugakiya.

Curry Udon is one of them.

Curry udon, you can eat in all over Japan.

I was decided to go see a movie in the evening to the cinema of Miyoshi.
Eat dinner before we see the movie.

The cinema located in the shopping center.

Shopping center has several restaurants.

This curry udon restaurant is one of them.

This curry udon restaurant is very popular.
So, many people come to this restaurant in during the day of holiday.

However, today is a weekday evening.
So, we did not wait.

This restaurant is famous for curry udon is delicious.

Lineup of Curry Udon

It have a lot of other menu.

Also other than Curry Udon

I chose the curry udon.

By look at the pictures on the menu, I chose to topping the fried shrimp.
Two pieces.

Fried shrimp

After a while, curry udon has been carried.

Curry Udon is carried

Curry of this restaurant is rich.
However, it does not hot.

Udon is very thick.

Thick Udon

It is possible to counter the taste of strong curry.

Quality of Udon itself is very high.
And good taste, good texture.

Rich and thick curry Udon.
It will match very much.

Japanese usually sips when eating noodles.
But strong sipping curry udon is dangerous.

Curry udon is very hot.
I will burn your mouth.

In addition, Curry is scattered when sip strong.
There is a risk that curry soup is adhere to the clothes.
When it is white shirt, you will not remove.

Must be eat carefully.

Mimi-san eat carefully

I ate all.
I also drank soup.

Mimi-san ate all

It is a very delicious curry udon.

I chose the fried shrimp for topping.
People of Nagoya, love the fried shrimp.
Fried shrimp is Nagoya specialty.

This shrimp is also very delicious.

Mimi-san eat fried shrimp

Fried shrimp of curry taste.
Spicy crispy.
I was good to select the fried shrimp.

I ate early first one.

The second one is late.

Batter became soft.
Taste of curry is to soak fried shrimp.
It is very good.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yaeyama and the Okinawa travel report Part22 Breakfast of tofu

This trip.
Includes breakfast.

Delicious and pleasant buffet of a hotel.

Nevertheless, we dined out.

In the case of supper, there may be it.

This is breakfast.

This place is so far west from Nagoya.
Sunrize time is later than Nagoya.
Sky is dark yet.

Front Of lobby of the hotel

The tofu maker with which we go is about 1 km of distance from a hotel.
We can walk.

However, since it is dark, I go by taxi.
And the habu is nocturnal.

The staff of the hotel called the taxi.
The taxi of Ishigaki Island came immediately in spite of early morning.

It passes along the way of a cane field.

Patio table

It seems to be an open air cafe.
There are some table seats.
It is a good atmosphere.

Menu on wall

"Bukkake Yushi dofu" and "Yushi dofu set"

Yushi dofu ,Small , Large , Extra-large and Double extra-large.

A large amount of dishes Okinawa.
Okinawa dishes is large amount.
So it is not possible to select the Large.
But medium does not exist.
I chose the small.

Yushi dofu set small

Not a few.
medium size.

Yushi dofu in the Bowl.
I look it light taste.
Light taste actually.

Soy sauce, salt, Koregusu, and Andasu, has been prepared.
Andasu is in the refrigerator.

Because it is a Light taste.
I will be gradually unsatisfactory.

There is a side dish.
100 yen all.
Strange lineup.

Side dish

Stir fried vegetables, stir fried meat, chili oil, oil miso.
Ika-shiokara, octopus mentai.

Main dish class and seasonings.
The appetizer of izakaya.

They are all 100 yen.


"Is the stir fried vegetables is large?"
"Because it is 100 yen, it is a small amount"

I eat fried vegetables.
Because I ate a delicious meat last night.

Stir-fried vegetables


The stir-fried vegetables common.
Good seasoning.
There is no difference in taste of the soup.
Yaeyama fish cake is delicious.

Yaeyama kamaboko with Mimi-san

Match the Yushi dofu and Rice.

Bukkake Yushi dofu is yushi dofu on the yam on the rice.

Bukkake Yushi dofu

Yam is unique.
Yam is added to taste.

Raw egg further.

With soy milk.
Soy milk of tofu shop.

Mimi-san drinking soy milk

After finished eating, It was getting brighter.

Became bright

I went back to the hotel by taxi.
Driver say "Did you have eat breakfast? It is early"

In addition to the table of open-air, there is also room.
It seems to be for people who are sensitive to heat.

Please choose in the physical condition

Because it is with much effort, I went to the hotel buffet.

Just a little bit.
Only dessert.


But I ate Okinawan cuisine.

Okinawan cuisine

I drank miso soup.
Ingredients of the miso soup.

Miso soup Yushi dofu

Yushi dofu!