Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yaeyama and the Okinawa travel report Part22 Breakfast of tofu

This trip.
Includes breakfast.

Delicious and pleasant buffet of a hotel.

Nevertheless, we dined out.

In the case of supper, there may be it.

This is breakfast.

This place is so far west from Nagoya.
Sunrize time is later than Nagoya.
Sky is dark yet.

Front Of lobby of the hotel

The tofu maker with which we go is about 1 km of distance from a hotel.
We can walk.

However, since it is dark, I go by taxi.
And the habu is nocturnal.

The staff of the hotel called the taxi.
The taxi of Ishigaki Island came immediately in spite of early morning.

It passes along the way of a cane field.

Patio table

It seems to be an open air cafe.
There are some table seats.
It is a good atmosphere.

Menu on wall

"Bukkake Yushi dofu" and "Yushi dofu set"

Yushi dofu ,Small , Large , Extra-large and Double extra-large.

A large amount of dishes Okinawa.
Okinawa dishes is large amount.
So it is not possible to select the Large.
But medium does not exist.
I chose the small.

Yushi dofu set small

Not a few.
medium size.

Yushi dofu in the Bowl.
I look it light taste.
Light taste actually.

Soy sauce, salt, Koregusu, and Andasu, has been prepared.
Andasu is in the refrigerator.

Because it is a Light taste.
I will be gradually unsatisfactory.

There is a side dish.
100 yen all.
Strange lineup.

Side dish

Stir fried vegetables, stir fried meat, chili oil, oil miso.
Ika-shiokara, octopus mentai.

Main dish class and seasonings.
The appetizer of izakaya.

They are all 100 yen.


"Is the stir fried vegetables is large?"
"Because it is 100 yen, it is a small amount"

I eat fried vegetables.
Because I ate a delicious meat last night.

Stir-fried vegetables


The stir-fried vegetables common.
Good seasoning.
There is no difference in taste of the soup.
Yaeyama fish cake is delicious.

Yaeyama kamaboko with Mimi-san

Match the Yushi dofu and Rice.

Bukkake Yushi dofu is yushi dofu on the yam on the rice.

Bukkake Yushi dofu

Yam is unique.
Yam is added to taste.

Raw egg further.

With soy milk.
Soy milk of tofu shop.

Mimi-san drinking soy milk

After finished eating, It was getting brighter.

Became bright

I went back to the hotel by taxi.
Driver say "Did you have eat breakfast? It is early"

In addition to the table of open-air, there is also room.
It seems to be for people who are sensitive to heat.

Please choose in the physical condition

Because it is with much effort, I went to the hotel buffet.

Just a little bit.
Only dessert.


But I ate Okinawan cuisine.

Okinawan cuisine

I drank miso soup.
Ingredients of the miso soup.

Miso soup Yushi dofu

Yushi dofu!

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