Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gourmet Report:Vietnamese Siogamaguti Nagoya

I passed along this neighborhood, thinking where the lunch on Sunday will be eaten.

I remembered!
I have a restaurant which i would like to go from before.
Vietnam food restaurant. 

I like South Asian cuisine.
I like a Thai food.

I also like a Vietnam food.

This restaurant located in front of the main gate of Meijo University.
A parking lot is located in the opposite side which faced across the way.
It is hard to park a car.

There is no lunch set menu.
Since it is Sunday.
It does not understand correctly.

Chicken and cucumber salad

The First , Chicken and cucumber salad
Gỏi dưa leo
Probably, this is the same kind as the table d'hote of the Vietnam food restaurant of Nagoya Station.
It puts on a shrimp cracker and eats similarly.

Puts on a shrimp cracker

They are only a cucumber and a chicken here.
The cucumber is cut more thickly.

However, it is very delicious.
Since there will be sound if it puts on a shrimp cracker, it is pleasant.

What is the sauce of this dish?
It is very delicious.
It is slightly sour.
It tastes and is deep.
Probably, it is nuoc mam since it is Vietnam.

Fresh spring roll

Fresh spring roll
In Vietnam, it is called goi cuon.
Gỏi Cuốn
Since it was a somewhat cold day, the fried spring roll was chosen.
However, the fresh spring roll has been pointed at by mistake.
It is cold only in the outdoors. It is not cold in the interior of a room.
Therefore, there is no problem at a fresh spring roll.

With Miso sauce
Usually, it eats with peanut sauce.
But it is a little different here.
Just like Misokatsu-sauce.
It is delicious.

It has rolled tightly.
Although bit, a form does not collapse.
The skin of wet tactile feeling is rolled tightly.
Ingredients are a rice noodle, a shrimp, and vegetables.
There is no taste of coriander.
It is good for a person poor at coriander.
It is a beefsteak plant although the green leaf was contained.

The Okonomiyaki of the Vietnam style

The Okonomiyaki of the Vietnam style
Bành xêo
This is large.
Dough has many eggs.
Also the dough has some sweet tastes.

Ingredient is pork and bean sprouts.
It is not a type which mixes an ingredient with dough.
Just like The Okonomiyaki of the Hiroshima style.
An ingredient is put on thinly spread dough.And it bends in a half.

Just like Tonpei-yaki.

With this sauce

I eat it with sauce. But it is good taste even without sauce.
It is delicious although i do not understand what kind of sauce.

Fried rice
Fried rice

Cơm chiên
Rice dishes are only this.

That may be since it was lunch time.
There is little appeal of the photograph of a menu.
Since we wanted rice dishes, we placed an order, without expecting.

Picture on the menu 

A place
This is very delicious.
Slightly spicy.
The scent of curry.

Curry is secret ingredient.
It is a chef's spirit of inquiry.
But I do not know.

What is the main seasoning?

Probably, it is nuoc mam since it is Vietnam.

Rice is not separated.
Since it is very delicious, you should appeal with a menu more.

Beef udon

Beef udon
Phở bô
It was written to the menu as "Udon"
I do not feel like to eat Udon today.

However, it was Pho when seeing the photograph thoroughly.
I would like to eat, if it so.

The soup noodle of Asia. 
I like a rice noodle.

A herb is another plate

Herbs, such as coriander and a mint, are bring with another plate.
It will be because there are many people poor at coriander.
It is such consideration.

Seasonings, such as nuoc mam and chili sauce, are also another plate.

Basic taste is light taste.
Therefore, I enjoy the taste at first.

After that, a herb or a seasoning is put in, the taste is changed.
If coriander is put in hot soup, a scent will spread.
I like it.

The entrance of a restaurant

It was very delicious lunch.

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