Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yaeyama and the Okinawa travel report Part10 The First Dinner of Ishigaki Island

this is izakaya.
I heard that a tuna is delicious.

It is a izakaya which is popular in Ishigaki Island.
Number one.
May be.

Reservation is required. 

I reserved.
At the time when this travel is planned.
I telephoned this izakaya immediately.

There are two this izakaya in Ishigaki.
I chose the Ishigantou branch.

We took the taxi from the hotel and went there.
It is the neighborhood.

The taxi of Ishigaki Island is cheap.
Although the gasoline of Ishigaki Island is expensive.

Appearance differed from imagination.
The old private house wind of Okinawa was imagined.


It was ordinary appearance.
There is a large Ishigantou in front of the entrance.

I sit in hori-gotatsu style seat of the second floor.

An order.


First of all, it is plate of assorted sashimi.

Assorted sashimi

Since the tuna is delicious, this izakaya is reputable.
A tuna is Yummy.

An amberjack is also delicious.
It is fatty.

Uni Somen Chanpuru

Uni Somen Chanpuru

What is it?
Soumen Chanpuru with sea urchin sauce.
It is thicker than Somen.

Mimi-san eating Uni Somen Chanpuru

It resembles the cream pasta.
It is delicious at a deep taste.

Tuna Japanese style pizza

Tuna Japanese style pizza

It is a famous izakaya where a tuna is delicious.
I wished to also eat this.

The tuna sliced thinly.
The sliced yam under it.

Fu Chanpuru

Fu Chanpuru

I always eat this.
Because i like.
Mimi-san eating Fu Chanpuru

Ingredients are pork luncheon meat and pork.
It is good seasoning.

Taco salad

Taco salad

I also want a salad.



It is delicious.

New Ishigaki Airport opened in March.
Therefore, it was often broadcast about Ishigaki Island on television.
Food which I was interested to see it.

"Excuse me "
"Yes "
"Do you have Ootaniwatari?
Since I heard it, I would like to eat, if it is delicious."
"Please wait a minutes"
It passed for a while.
"Although it is not on a menu, it serves.

It took long time until it served.
Probably, he went to buy it.

Ootaniwatari Tempura

Ootaniwatari Tempura

I tried to eat.
Light texture.
There is no bitterness.
The fragrance of the young leaves.
I'm glad to be able to eat.

Mimi-san eating Ootaniwatari 

Cuisine of this izakaya was one that can be satisfied.
It would be the number one reason in Ishigaki.

Very reasonable.

Time for the serve is short.
It was a full house, but serve the food fast.

Respondent against the staff was good.

I will go to this pub when I visit the Ishigaki island next time.


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