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Yaeyama and the Okinawa travel report Part26 Izakaya supper at Naha

The supper in Naha is eaten in a izakaya.

I wanted to visit this izakaya for a long time.

Many good izakaya are located in Naha.

I was able to go to this izakaya at last.

It is located in the place distant from Kokusai-dori.
Kumoji-gawa's other side.

It is a small izakaya.
Although here has the Okinawa food, it is not appearance of the Okinawa style.
It is clean.


I reserved.
It sat on the seat of Hori Kotatsu.

Hori Kotatsu

The first sashimi.
Three kinds assorted.

Tuna ,Mamachi ,Amberjack

Three kinds of sashimi

This izakaya has Toufuyou.


It is often seen in the izakaya in Okinawa.
However, here has two kind ,"Sakura" and "Beni".
I saw for the first time.

Beni is a suitable price.
However, "Sakura" is somewhat high.
It can be imagined that it is very high-class. 
Or it can be imagined that it is very large one. 

I ordered it.

It was an ordinary size. 
It was pink
It is a color of Sakura. 

Toufuyou Sakura

Toufuyou has a peculiar taste. 
There was it also in this in proper quantity. 
It is very delicious.

I have met a good Toufuyou.

This is the Okinawa izakaya. 
So, I eat Fu chanpuru.
It is reputation that it is delicious. 

Fu chanpuru

Taste of dashi .
Sea tangle and an bonito.

I ate Shima rakkyo tempura.
Shima rakkyo tempura which this izakaya serve is very delicious.

Shima rakkyo tempura 

The taste of Shima rakkyo is the same as other izakaya. 
A fried degree is different. 
It is very good. 
A batter is good texture. 

It is the highest in Shima rakkyo tempura which I ate at various places. 

One more kind of Tempura. 
Mozuku tempura.

Mozuku tempura

This also surprised me.

Mozuku is watery.
Therefore, it is usual to become dough texture. 

But different here.
Dough is also delicious.
However, crispy is more delicious. 

This tavern has a very good reputation of cooking. 
However, i have not heard that fried food is delicious. 
I high-evaluate to fried food


Jinbe fried rice.

It looks like nasi goreng. 

Jinbe fried rice

The taste is also an Asian.
I am a favorite taste.

Carbohydrate is not only this.

Pan-Fried noodles.

Pan-Fried noodles

Since it is Okinawa, noodles are Okinawan noodles. 
It is flat and is frizzled. 
It is different from The Yaeyama soba.

It is seasoned by dashi. 
It is not catsup. 

Seasoning is deep.
I eats little by little.


Agu grilled with salt 

This is Okinawa. 
So I has become want to eat pork.
With mustard.

Nobody came to this izakaya.
I wondered although it is a reputable izakaya. 
Did I mistake? 
Is it because it is Monday

That is very curious.

We return to a hotel by taxi. 

The driver said.
Many persons come this pub.
It is saying. 
Rare case.

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