Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gourmet Report:Bakery Nagoya

The reputable baker located in a near place from my house.
I go to sometimes buy bread.

Bread which seems to be delicious

I often buy a baguette.
A cheese spread is applied to a baguette or a ham is put on a baguette.I love drinking with it .

I bought bread for lunch on that day.
There is also various cooked bread.

Beef tongue stew

Beef tongue stew
It is delicious to attach and eat bread in a stew.
Beef stew etc.

This is the same as that.
The stew is contained in inside.
Beef tongue stew.
The stew of demiglace sauce.
It is delicious.
This is the good for lunch.


Bacon, pumpkin, paprika, etc. on it.
When it is warmed for a while, cheese melts and it is delicious.

Pizza with Mimi-san

Although tomato sauce does not appear, it is under the ingredients.

Croque monsieur

Croque monsieur
This is good for breakfast.
But it was just baked.
Therefore, I bought it in spite of myself.
It was good to buy it.

Mimi-san eats croque monsieur
This also has cheese in the surface.
It is the same as pizza.
However, it is just baked.
I warm and eat it.
It is delicious.

Bang bang chicken salad sandwiches

Bang bang chicken salad sandwiches
This is so good!
There are many vegetables.An ingredients with the sufficient scent of sesame is in between.
I bit the most delicious portion of the central part of that.
Bang bang chicken salad sandwiches is juicy.

Bought bread

The baguette which i always buys does not change, it is delicious.
It is little small.
The place of the break across surface. I don't know the name.
The edge of the portion is sharp.

It is no problem, if buy a baguette and eat up.
However, it will become hard on the next day.
The baguette of next day is not delicious.
But it will become soft if it puts into a preservation bag.
Crispy texture is lost.

Isn't there any good method?

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