Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gourmet Report:Toyokawa Inari eating
This New Year, i have not gone to Hatsumode for such a reason.

Forbids till March.

So this is Hatsumode of this year.
It is Hatsumode at the season that the cherry blossoms have fallen.
I went to Toyokawa Inari visited every year.

In Toyokawa Inari, very many visitors come in the New Year.

The precincts of a temple of the New Year

This season.
Since there is also no cherry tree, there are few visitors.

The precincts of a temple this time

Chozuya which hid in the stall can be seen today.
It was able to visit to pray, after purifying.


Amulet which I bought last year is returned.
There is no return place beside Hondo.

Hondo also has few people

I asked by office.
It is said that Hondo's side is the temporary of the New Year.
It returns to small temple of the inner shrine  usually.

Small temple is among the usual routes which go to inner shrine.
Fudo Myoo, Daikoku, and Kobo are deified.
There is also Kozuka.

Rei Kozuka

There are few people also here.
I have come here repeatedly.
However, it got to know that there was a narrow passage which for the back side for the first time.
There was a fox older than that of a front side a lot.

After returning the last year Amulet,i buy it for this year.
I hope thriving business.

Amulet and a Charm

After worship,i walk pleasant town.


Since it is slightly early to the time of lunch, it does not eat at a restaurant.
Buy food and eat it.

At first, it is the tempura of sushi pockets.

I eat sushi pocket

Take away only shop.
I have eaten here also before

Just fried this time.

After order, it begins fry

I chose that with a green perilla.

Wonderful food which fry deep-fried tofu.

Mimi-san eats sushi pockets

Batter is crispy.
The scent of a green perilla is good.

It is glad to sell by one piece.

Previously, I told sushi pocket did not have the need for a fly.
I'm sorry.
Just fried is yummy.

I would like to also eat ordinary sushi pockets.
It goes to the next store.

Take away sushi pockets

This store sells grilled deep-fried tofu in the New Year.

I always eat it.However, sushi pockets are eaten today.

Toyokawa wasabi

What is the Toyokawa wasabi?
Wasabi sushi pockets.
It is a sushi with wasabi.
Naturally it matches.
It is delicious.

It is glad to this shop sell by one piece

And to the last, it is Okitsune burger.
I thought that I would like to eat this from before.

Okitsune burger shop

The store in front of the gate in Toyokawa Inari.

Usually, after having visited to pray, it plays in an approach town.
I buy Okitsune-age etc. on the approach and eat it .
I go into a restaurant and eat an eel etc.
I buy boiled fish-paste etc. and eat it.

Then, I am full up when returned in front of a gate.
Moreover, since a hamburger shop is very popular , people are lining up.

I give up.

Today I am not full up.
There is no customer.

Okitsune burger

Bought it.

A cutlet, an onion, and lettuce.
Pork cutlet.
It seasons with catsup.

deep-fried tofu is also seasoned with soy sauce.

Mimi-san eats Okitsune burger

Also in this, the outside and an inner side are fried dishes.

The outside is crispy.
An inner side is juicy.

I am glad to eat.

An approach also has few people.
Some stores are closed.
Because the day is stormy weather.

Swallow nest under the eaves

Swallow already came.
It seems that the people of this town were also waiting.
They seemed to be glad.

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