Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sony Handycam HDR-PJ790V Thereafter reviews

Three months has passed since HDR-SR11 was changed into HDR-PJ790V.

The last time, i have reviewed it of soon after purchasing.
Since it was used several times, it is the review of a feeling of use.

Usually taken by 60P.

1, Appearance, Design

It is not so important for me.

Comparison with the HDR-SR11

Conversion Lens VCL-HG0737C was attached to HDR-SR11 for field angle.
Since there is no it, it is compact.

2 Image quality

It is satisfactory.
Since HDR-SR11 was 1920x1080, it was beautiful.
However, it became still more beautiful than it.

Progress of various technology.
It can shot, even if dark.

Image stabilization is excellent.
Balance optical SteadyShot.
The shot which walks does not shake, either.

This is not to be compared to HDR-SR11.
Since it is a model of several generations ago, it is naturally.
Although it was expensive.

When carrying out close-up photography with put on a tripod , being troubled for a little happens.
Even if it catches centering on a photographic subject, it moves and separates from the center.
It is an effect of stabilization.

Requires little time to stabilize.

It is not dissatisfied in a field angle at all.
As expected.

3 Operation

The hold of a grip belt is not my liking.
Although adjusted, it inclines a little.
Therefore, it is little too hard to operate a zoom lever.

Not a favorite hold feeling

It is very slight.
It may be because it is not used to.
Since the drawing in zoom is hardly used, a problem is small.

Therefore, GPAVT1 Shooting Grip with Mini Tripod is used in many cases.
It is easy to hold.


I do not buy Adapter cable VMC-AVM1 .
Therefore, operation of recording cannot be performed with the button of a grip.
Operation of zoom cannot be performed, either.
Since the drawing in zoom is hardly used, a problem is small.

When recording, I turn a camera to a photographic subject, after pushing a button.
When stopping, I push a button, after shot finishes.

I thought that I would buy a conversion adapter.
However, the cable to become long is not good .
It is expected that the one for Multi terminals is put on the market someday.

If turning on and off of stabilization can carry out by one-touch, I will think that it is good.
If stabilization is turned OFF, while using the tripod, a photographic subject does not move from a center.
However, a setup is troublesome.
I will forget to turn ON after photography in the state of OFF.

Stabilization cannot be set to a manual button.

manual button

4 Battery

I was surprised at this.
The life of this battery is long time.

It is NP-FV50 .
During the travel, even if it exceeded 15:00 from the morning, it did not become empty.

I do not understand total minutes.
I am a person which often video shot.

I thought that an attached battery was low performance.

Therefore, NP-FV70 purchased by the addition does not have the necessity of using not so much.
For now.

life of a battery is almost the same also in a liquid crystal or a view finder,in the operation manual.
It was meaningless although the view finder was often used for saving.

5 Sound quality

It is very good recording.
It is important for me that people's voice can be recorded.
Performance of the projecting microphone.

Wind screen

An attached Wind screen is not somewhat good.
It is noise when windy.
It's better than nothing.

This is one's own work.


A place through which a loud sound is flowing continuously.
For example, the live hall.

Voice level adjustment is unnaturally carried out at such a time.
The cause has set up sound relations automatically.
Changing to manual operation is troublesome.

The problem of a way to be used.

6 Useful function

Built-in video light.
This is convenient.

video light

IR NightShot and Video Light HVL-HIRL which I already have is unnecessary.
Since Hot shoe was changed, it cannot use.
It has no necessity in all time.However, since it was sometimes convenient, I had.
Since the microphone was always set, having changed was troublesome.

Since it is built-in, I have no items.
Since it is built-in, I use often.

Built-in projector.
I do not need it.
It is function that need not have.

I thought whether it was indistinct Picture.
However, although it could project picture vividly also at the bright place, I was surprised.
It looks finely also at the ceiling in the car in the daytime.
To the check after shot, it is satisfactory.

Can imitate the  Okawa-Kogyo .

It is function that need have.

7 Others

The strap is not attached.
I bought optional one.

When put it on the shoulder, a liquid crystal may open.
Don't treat violently.

When wiping the dirt of a lens, I am worried for a little.
First, a power supply is switched on and a shutter is opened.
Since shutter is a thin board, I am worried for a little.

Lens is in the inside of it .

wiping the lens

A lens is wiped with cloth.
Then, a lens unit moves.
This is unpleasant.
A possibility of breaking.
Since it has written to the operation manual "Wipe if a lens becomes dirty", I think that it is no problem.

When i hold it I understand the unit's moving.
The bad feeling in the like fragile.


  1. Excellent review! I Have just brought the Sony HDR PJ780VE & after reading your review I have also bought the Sony GPAVT1 Grip which I think will be really useful! I Take videos of my daughters football team.
    Thanks for the review,
    All the best from England.