Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gourmet Report:Food container

I bought a heat preservation lunch box .

Was given.

Does it popular?
This lunch box.
Soup jar?

Can it well keep warm?

Double lid

Lid of the thermal insulation container has a double.
And covered with a lid inside, and close, twist the outer lid.
It look that has Insulation effect is.

Cooking method is simple.
However, it changes by menus.

Warm the container

First, warm the container by pouring the boiling water.
It lasts a long time's warm by this way.


And prepared food,sausage and vegetables.

Carrot and sausage

Food were warmed up in the microwave in advance.

vegetables become soft and it has thermal effect.

Soup stock powder

Soup stock powder is put in.
This is easy when busy morning.
I used chicken stock. Please use the type of your choice.

Soup stock powder on the food

300 CC of containers enter. Please put the Soup stock powder of an appropriate amount.

Boiling water is poured out

Completion of pouring boiling water.

Container of rice

Rice is another container.
Not thermal insulation.


Side dishes is Ikanago-no-kugi-ni.
Friends of Kobe sent it to me.
Her mom made it. It is soft and delicious.
This is the glad first tidings of the spring.

Then, since a lunch time has come, I eat.

Hot soup

Oh, Hot.
It is not a Very hot, but Hot so so.
I'm glad a little.

Soup with full of ingredients

Carrots and potatoes had become soft.
Was it because warmed in a microwave oven?
Or was it cooked within the container?

If foods and boiling water are put in, it is cooked at lunch.
For example, if rice, vegetables, and soup are put in, risotto is made at lunch.
If dried noodles and soup case,it may be soggy ramen at lunch.

The quantity of soup powder was suitable.
It is not so thin and not so deep.
It is the age which salt worries.

Rice is not contained in the insulating container.
Therefore, it is not so hot.

But outside bags are some keeping-warm materials.
Therefore, it does not get cold.


Ikanago is delicious.
It is well with rice.

Lunch set

It is a difficulty that it is bulky.
I also bring the container of a drink.
A 16-oz stainless steel tumbler.
It and a 1-liter aluminum canteen.

Why so many?
It is for drinking much water and discharging uric acid.

And insulating container Lunch set.

In the case of the rice ball and sandwiches which were wrapped in cellophane, volume will be lost if it finishes eating.
However, this is same volume even after eating.
It does not become compact.
It becomes light.

However, it is glad that delicious warm food is eaten.

This is using reference of lunch.

Recipe book

The recipe book of a soup thermos.
This is written intelligibly.
Since the new dish is also published, it is recommended.

Since some books are published, they are pleasant.

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