Thursday, April 18, 2013

Water server came my home

Morning, large luggage arrived.

Big burden

Water server.
How much?
Where is it placing?


Do not think deeply.
I will be on the sidelines.

That is the key that husband and wife get along well.
I've been so far.
I'm going to do so from now on.

Sidelines is only to shoot.
And I write an article.

Frecious Water server.

It's a big case, but the inside is hollow.

Inside visible from the rear

So it is lighter than it looks.
Carry easily.

Water is stored in the upper part.

The place which sets water

It is not a type where the polyethylene tank of water is be seen.
It sets, and it covers, water does not appear.

Water is contained in another carton box.
The plastic bag containing 7.15 liter.

Four of this are contained in one carton box

Plastic water bag

Because One bag is light,can easily set.
But people who use water in large quantities, often must set.

By using, even if water decreases in number, air does not enter.

Water bag is set to the main part upper part.

Set the water bag

Then, just connect the tube extending from the main body.
If a description is read, it can do simply.

When it was set, connection check.

Both water and hot water.

come out?

Nothing wrong with it.

In about 45 minutes, it becomes an optimum temperature.

Sample the taste.

sampling Mimi-San

It does not come out of water or hot water only by pushing a lever.
The button of the front part is Locke.

Press the button

How much is electricity charges?
Since it has just begun to use, which is not understood yet.

It has eco-mode.
It is an optical sensor between the lamps hot water and water of front.

It judges and stops electric power.

Using electric power only cools or warms.

Electric power is not used for taking out water.
Water is the mechanism of falling from a top.

The delivery of water is one-way.
It will be sent if an order is placed.

A bag will be thrown away if water is exhausted.

There is no necessity of returning a bottle.

There is size of a main part with a long type and a short type.
I chose the long type.

However, the position of a lever is somewhat low.
Probably, it assumes that a child uses.

As for this water server, usually is convenient.
Furthermore, I thought that it was good at the time of a disaster.

After "2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami", people feared radioactivity and bought the water containing a bottle in large quantities.
Water disappeared from the shop.
However, fresh water can be stocked if there is this.

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