Friday, April 19, 2013

NAIL ART SPRING 04/07/2013

Today's nail.
Nail design. 

The cherry blossoms have fallen. Early summer comes on soon.

The season of fresh green.
Such spring image was designed.

New color of this spring.
Airy ice.

And orange sherbet.

A design is irregular heart French.

Blue is Airy ice and and another is orange sherbet.
These 2 colors was used for frech touch.

The bordering of gold is an accent.

The third finger is a design of a pink rose to the base of airy ice.
With small white dot. Can it recognize?

The thumb also has the Heart French of the same color scheme as other fingers.


  1. The nail art is so beautiful! Please keep posting these kind of video apart from the others. Is it possible a video about how does she make the nail art? Thanks for showing your life in Japan in such a cool way :)

    1. Thank you.

      She is made it in a nail salon.
      So I unable to shoot video of how to make it.