Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gourmet Report:Sanuki udon at Aichi

This type of Udon restaurant is often seen recently.

Semi-self style.

Udon eaten in Kagawa Prefecture are delicious.
Water, air, climate, and the change-of-air effect?
And it is quite cheap.

But going to eat Udon to Kagawa is hard.

Therefore, it is glad that such types of Udon restaurant is located close.
It is delicious.

Men-Tu-Dan which existed in Yagoto and Inazawa was closed.

The lunch on Sunday.
Since lunch is somewhat early, it eats lightly.
Udon are the optimal.

Then,i considers what kind of udon will eat.

I want plain taste.

I want Soy sauce grated daikon udon or Bukkake-udon.
I want cold udon.

I chose Bukkake-udon.
Grated daikon is also added to it.

It was such plan.
Until i goes into the restaurant.

When i went into the restaurant,there was "Beef Shigureni" signboard.
Kamatama-udon and Bukkake-udon.

And as for Bukkake-udon, green Japanese peppercorn is also together.


It was a plan of Plain taste by grated daikon.

Beef Shigureni Bukkake-udon

I ordered Beef Shigureni Bukkake-udon.
And grated daikon.

The side menu is placed between the registers for payment from the place which receives udon.
It is a nice way.

 Pumpkin and chicken

There are many kind of just fried tempura.

I would like to eat each.

Careful selection.
Only two.

Squid's legs and boiled egg

Tempura of squid's legs and Tempura of a boiled egg.

Tempura of squid's legs is so nice.

Tempura of squid's legs with Mimi-san

Tempura of a boiled egg is often seen recently.
Even except for a udon restaurant.

Soft-boiled egg

I want Tempura of chikin and Tempura of Chikuwa.
Many fried food is not good.

I thought so.

There is rice dish.

Wasabi Sushi pockets

Wasabi Sushi pockets.

Wasabi Sushi pockets with Mimi-san

It is fried food too.

It was a plan that i eat lightly.

By the way, I like eating, after sinking tempura into udon soup.

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