Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#02 Fushimi-Inari:Kyoto shrine visiting

1. Mimi-san go to Fushimi Inari from Kyoto Station 

I arrived at Kyoto Station by Shinkansen.

I will go to Fushimi Inari at first.
Fushimi Inari is located to the south of Kyoto Station.

How to go to Fushimi Inari from Kyoto Station. 
JR Nara Line. 

Transfer to JR Nara Line

It is the second station from Kyoto Station.
Inari Station.

Inari Station

Probably, a high school is close.
Many high school students got off the train at this station.

High school student

Fushimi Inari is in front of the ticket gate of a station.

There is also a bicycle parking for bicycles.

2. Mimi-san to the worship of Fushimi Inari

The road in front of the station.

If it goes across it, there is big torii.

Front of the station

Ttower gate is located in over there.

Tower gate

There is a Chozuya  in front of the gate.
I was cleansed here.


There is a statue of a fox.

Right side Fox

There is a hall of worship on the inside of the gate.

Hall of worship

There is a main hall at the behind of the hall of worship.
Hondo is the ban on photography.

An enshrined deity is Ukanomitamaookami.

Tower gate
I have worshiped in the main hall.

Gannkake torii

3. Mimi-san goes to Inner Shrine in Fushimi Inari.

Highlights of the Fushimi Inari.

It's Senbon Torii.

Small red torii.
It standing in a line in large numbers very much.

Senbon Torii
There is Senbon Torii where we went up the stairs.

Senbon Torii are in this back

there is a passage in Senbon Torii.

There is a Shrine of some in the middle.
I worshipped also at them.

I saw the Senbon Torii.

Torii has continued in the back.

It can not see ahead

It is the way which both leads to the same place.

Bifurcated part


It can buy a amulets here.

There is a Omo-karu-ishi here.


To lift the stone with a wish.
That wish come true if you feel if lightly.
That wish do not come true  it if you feel heavy.

Stone at the top of the lantern.

I had.
How did I feel?


It is secret.

4. Mimi-san was finished the worship of Fushimi Inari

Furthermore, a shrine is located also at back.

Torii leading to the back
I must go to the shrine of the other.
So, I did not go to the back.


I got the red seal.

red seal

We can get red seal on the outside of the tower gate.


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