Friday, March 21, 2014

#08 Kitano-Tenmangu:Kyoto shrine visiting

1. Mimi-san go to Kitano-Tenmangu from Demachi

This migration length is somewhat long.
About 2.5 km.

A route follows "Imadegawadoori" west.
And I move by a bicycle.
It is 15 minutes or less travel time.

Large torii.
Views of the torii of first is great.

Taxi is not good to landscape

Several sets of taxis have stopped near the torii.
It is not beautiful.

2. Mimi-san to the worship of Kitano-Tenmangu

To tower gate from the torii of first .
I walk the approach.


There is an image of a cow on the way.


Because here is Tenjin.

Black cow

Plum garden is on left-hand side.
However, in the season of the flower of a plum, it is still early.


I will enter the inside of the tower gate. 

Tower gate

I walk inside.
There is a passage to the main hall.
There is Sessya to the left and right.

Approach to the main hall

There is a cow also here.


The main hall is located on the inside of Sankomon.


There is a hall of worship here.

Hall of worship
An enshrined deity is "Sugawara no Micizane"

Looked up

Under the eaves is a highlight.

Back of the Sankomon

3 Mimi-san finished Kitano-Tenmangu worship

I ended the worship of Kitano-Tenmangu.
I went to the back of the main hall. 

There is a subordinate shrine and Sessya there.
There are plum trees there.

Highlights of the back

Season of the plum blossom early still.
However, the bud has puffy.
A few plum flowered.


I got a red seal after that.

I obtained it

Shrine office of Kitano-Tenmangu.
I got a red seal in there.

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