Saturday, December 14, 2013

Okinawa travel report Part20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan,Nakijin castle

The last day of Okinawa travel .
The airplane departure in the evening.

Therefore, we have much time.

We have visited Okinawa repeatedly.
There are almost no place where we have not visited.

I decided to go to the northern part of Okinawa.
We will go to the northern part of Okinawa by a rental car.

Nakijin castle.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The sea which is visible from the upper part of a castle is very beautiful.

I use Okinawa Expressway for movement of the northern part of Okinawa from Naha.

Kyoda interchange. 
It is a terminal point of Okinawa Expressway.

Although it goes to Nakijin-son from there, it passes along Nago.

90 km distance from Naha.

The Nakijin castle has a large parking lot.

Parking lot
No charge.

There is a map.


The Nakijin castle is located in the northern part of the Motobu peninsula.
It is located in Nakijin-son.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu.

World Heritage

There is not a building.
There, it is only a Castle wall.

The way which goes to a castle 

There are a light meal and a stand there.
There is also a ticket counter.
An admission fee is required in order to go into a castle.

A toilet is not in a castle.
A toilet is near a stand.

The outline of a castle can be clearly seen from a ticket counter.

The outline of a castle

If it goes into inside from the gate of a castle, there are stone steps.


There is a cherry tree.
A beautiful flower will bloom in January.

The way of stone steps

There is a large place in the end of stone steps.

In there, trees grow thick.


Main place.
There is a small shrine of fire God there.

Small shrine of fire God
Some places of worship are located in the inside of a castle.
It is the feature of the castle in Okinawa.

There is a place with views of the sea.

The place from which it got down to the back.
Shigema castle.

Shigema castle

Trace of the building are here.

Trace of the building

Main place seen from Shigema castle

Ouchi hara.

Ouchi hara
It's a great view.

Mimi-san in the Nakijin castle

Reef is Emerald green.
The outer is dark blue.

Blue sea
We can see Izena and Iheya island.

Izena and Iheya island

This is the shade of a tree.
There is a bench here.
Voice of cicadas can be heard.

Great view
I want to see this scenery in forever.

The stone steps of the way back down.

Of stone steps down

We can see the scenery different from the forward path.

We can see the blue sea ahead of the road.
We will go down towards the sea.

There is a shop on the way.

Juice of sugar cane.

Sugar cane juice machine.
We can drink the fresh sugar cane juice.

Mimi-san make sugar cane juice

We can make the juice.


It is very sweet and tasty.

Mimi-san to drink juice
Light taste.

It is cold and delicious .

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