Friday, March 21, 2014

#09 Seimei-Jinja:Kyoto shrine visiting

1. Mimi-san go to Seimei-Jinja from Kitano-Tenmangu

The trip of the tour around the Kyoto shrine of Mimi-san.
Finally I visit to Seimei-Jinja.

Here is not one of the most famous shrine.
However, it is famous for Onmyoji Abe no Seimei.

It is very suitable for those who like a fantasy.

There is a torii of first on the Horikawa street.


There is a parking lot.
However, it is a small shrine.
Therefore, many cars cannot be parked.

2. Mimi-san to the worship of Seimei-Jinja

The place in which Seimei-Jinja is located.
That is a place with the mansion of Seimei.

There is a Ichijo Modohashi .

Ichijo Modohashi and Shikigami

There is a statue of Shikigami.

Five-pointed star of Torii

There is a main hall on the inside of the Shi-shin-mon.


There is Chozuya on the right side.
There is Seimei well. 

Seimei well
And a main shrine.
An enshrined deity is Abeno Seimei.

Main shrine
There is a camphor tree in front of the main shrine.

3, Mimi-san surprised to red seal

Since worship finished, I tried to get the red seal.

Sacred tree of camphor tree
The charm etc. are sold at the precincts of a temple.
I get red seal in there.

Abeno Seimei
There are some kinds of charms.


I submitted the red seal book there.

"It's a stamp, but do you no problem?"
She said.

I got the first time red seal of the stamp. 

Red seal of the stamp

In shrines and temples all.
Red mark is a stamp.
However, this shrine was also stamped black characters.


  1. What does red signify? Do all Shrines stamp a book? Is it like a tour of Shrines? I'd love to visit a Shrine one day. Very beautiful.

    1. This is shuin.
      You can get it when you visit a temple or shrine.
      There are articles Syuin detail in Wikipedia.

  2. Thanks for sharing your travels! Discovered your videos while planning a future Sapporo trip for 2015. My wife comments how happy you look while eating...oishii:)

    I also enjoy your bicycle travels and both of you have very nice nice bicycles. Would love to ride some of the areas of Japan, they look so pretty. Maybe one day.

    Domo arigato from some fans in the States. :) XD

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      In SAPPORO, You will can eat a very delicious seafood.
      There is much food delicious besides a seafood in Sapporo.

      Sapporo is a very nice town.

      Have a nice trip.

  3. Hello, mimi-san.

    My husband and I usually enjoy watching your videos:)
    We are looking forward to next one.

    1. Thank you for your message.
      I will show you many videos from now on also.