Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#04 Heian-jingu:Kyoto shrine visiting

1. Mimi-san goes to Heian-jingu form Yasaka-jinja

I brought the bicycle to this travel to Kyoto.
Folding bike of KHS. 

A bicycle is put in by the bag.

As for the sightseeing in Kyoto, it is convenient to use a bicycle.

From Nagoya to Fushimi Inari 
And Yasaka Jinja. 
I put the bicycle into the bag and walked around with it.
It is very heavy. 


I will move by bicycle from now on.

The course which I planned.
The Kyoto city has almost no slope.
Therefore, movement by a bicycle is easy. 

The route from Yasaka Jinja to Heian Jingu.
I will head north on Higashioji street.

About 1 km of Heian Jingu just progressed.

Big torii can be seen. 

Torii which appears from Ohten-mon

This neighborhood is known as Okazaki park.

2. Mimi-san to the worship of Heian-jingu

Ohten-mon is on the south.
This gate is an entrance.


Chozuya is before a gate.

The inner side of a gate is very large.
Daigokuden is located at the very back.

Wide precincts and Daigokuden

It is very large!
This is a highlight of Heian-jingu.

Right and left have a Seiryu-ro(Blue Dragon tower) and Byakko-ro(White Tiger tower).

Byakko-ro in the left side

It seems to be the China style.

Seiryu-ro in the right side
I walked to Daigokuden.


An inside is the ban on photography. 

Shooting from the outside

An enshrined deity is Emperor Kammu.

I have visited this by the school trip of an elementary school.
I have recognition in this roof.

Sibi impressive
I got the red seal after worship.

Red seal

The red seal book is sold here.
The cover of the red seal book here is very great.
The picture of four God is drawn.

I'm getting to want it.

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