Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#05 Shimogamo-jinja:Kyoto shrine visiting

1. Mimi-san go to Shimogamo-jinja from Heian-jingu

The trip of the tour around the Kyoto shrine of Mimi-san.
I further go north.

Next, it is Shimogamo Shrine.
Shimogamo Jinja.

I will head north on Higashioji street.

Shimogamo Jinja is located in a somewhat incomprehensible place.

The place where the Kamo river and the Takano river flow together. 
Shimogamo Jinja is located there.

The signboard of guidance is everywhere.
Therefore, there are few possibilities of losing one's way.

I have reached the southern tip of Shimogamo shrine.
Atmosphere of approach is very good.

Approach entrance

 t can go by a bicycle to near the main shrine more.

2, Mimi-san pass along the approach of Shimogamo shrine. 

Shimogamo shrine is a popular name.
The correct name is "Kamomioya shrines" 

There is a monument of world heritage.

There is a guide map.

Monument and guide map

I walked from there to the main shrine.

The street lined with trees of the shade of a tree.
It is a good atmosphere.

Good atmosphere

There in front of the torii Chozuya.

South entrance torii
Chozuya is wooden.
It has a elegance.

Good feeling

There is a stone on the left and right sides of the torii.

Shinto rituals

The back of the torii.
There is Aioi-sha.
This is the god of marriage.


Two trees is also one on the middle.


So this shrine is marriage.


They were tied.
May be.

3. Mimi-san to the worship of Shimogamo-jinja

There is a Buden on the inside of the tower gate.
Tower gate is larger red.
A highlight. 

Tower gate 

The further back.


There is a main hall on the inside of the inner gate.

Inner gate
It was under construction.

There is Kotosya on the inside of the inner gate.

It is a small Yashiro of seven.


God which protects the sexagenary cycle is dwelling.

Under construction

I got the red seal.

Stamp of green rare

It can get outside an inner gate.

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