Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gourmet Report:Curry Udon Miyoshi

There are many kind  of Nagoya special product.

Miso nikomi,Hitsu mabushi,Kishimen,Ankake supa,Temmusu.
Tebasaki,Ogura toast,Miso katsu,Sugakiya.

Curry Udon is one of them.

Curry udon, you can eat in all over Japan.

I was decided to go see a movie in the evening to the cinema of Miyoshi.
Eat dinner before we see the movie.

The cinema located in the shopping center.

Shopping center has several restaurants.

This curry udon restaurant is one of them.

This curry udon restaurant is very popular.
So, many people come to this restaurant in during the day of holiday.

However, today is a weekday evening.
So, we did not wait.

This restaurant is famous for curry udon is delicious.

Lineup of Curry Udon

It have a lot of other menu.

Also other than Curry Udon

I chose the curry udon.

By look at the pictures on the menu, I chose to topping the fried shrimp.
Two pieces.

Fried shrimp

After a while, curry udon has been carried.

Curry Udon is carried

Curry of this restaurant is rich.
However, it does not hot.

Udon is very thick.

Thick Udon

It is possible to counter the taste of strong curry.

Quality of Udon itself is very high.
And good taste, good texture.

Rich and thick curry Udon.
It will match very much.

Japanese usually sips when eating noodles.
But strong sipping curry udon is dangerous.

Curry udon is very hot.
I will burn your mouth.

In addition, Curry is scattered when sip strong.
There is a risk that curry soup is adhere to the clothes.
When it is white shirt, you will not remove.

Must be eat carefully.

Mimi-san eat carefully

I ate all.
I also drank soup.

Mimi-san ate all

It is a very delicious curry udon.

I chose the fried shrimp for topping.
People of Nagoya, love the fried shrimp.
Fried shrimp is Nagoya specialty.

This shrimp is also very delicious.

Mimi-san eat fried shrimp

Fried shrimp of curry taste.
Spicy crispy.
I was good to select the fried shrimp.

I ate early first one.

The second one is late.

Batter became soft.
Taste of curry is to soak fried shrimp.
It is very good.

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