Friday, June 21, 2013

Gourmet Report:Tebasaki Moriyama,Nagoya

Supper on Saturday.
We considered what will eat.

Food of Nagoya.
Chicken dishes.

Chicken wing,Tebasaki.

It determined to eat Tebasaki of Nagoya.

Many izakaya in Nagoya have a tebasaki.

There are two especially famous izakaya in Nagoya.
Both of the izakaya are chain.

Tebasaki Izakaya

The izakaya which we chose is that a tebasaki is slightly small and sweet, and its dishing up is beautiful.
Another one is delicious too.

There are three the izakaya near my home.
There is not any difference.
l which chose Shikenya-ten since there was a parking.

The tavern faces the street.
It can discover easily.
A parking is the reverse side of a building.

We sat on the tatami seat.

The staff comes to hear the order of a drink.
Don't say so.

First of all, you have to place an order for a tebasaki.

Because, it requires time for being done.
You should order it early because you want to eat it early .

It is still better, if an order can be placed as soon as it goes into inside of a izakaya.

We are three persons.
I ordered tebasaki Five dishes.

Too many?

A tebasaki is small.
And the bone is included.
You must abandon half of the volume.

And since it is delicious, we can eat a lot.

There are two women.
Therefore, the 5 dishes.
If it is all a man, it have no problem even if more.
It can perform simply that eat three dishes by one persons.

However, must not order 3 times of the number of person.

Tebasaki is delicious when just fried.
It is the same as that of other fried food.

It becomes gradually not delicious.
It becomes hard.

Therefore, it is necessary to place an order for a proper quantity.

This izakaya has the dishes except the tebasaki.

There are many kinds of the chicken dish, too.

Chicken dish

The chicken dish which I eat at this izakaya is only a tebasaki.
Because I like it.

Dishes other than chicken

I ordered the dish which was not a chicken.
Tuna Sashimi, a crabmeat salad, a small horse mackerel, a pork rib, eggplantan miso cheese.

Tuna Sashimi

The menu on the wall.

Menu on the wall

Sashimi is fresh.
Crabmeat salad is delicious.

Crabmeat salad

A tebasaki is chicken.
Therefore, I would like to also eat pork.

Pork rib

A tebasaki is a bone more than half.
Therefore it is hard to eat a little.


There is an efficient way of eating. 

Tebasaki with Mimi-san

There is a commentary of how to eat on the table.
There is how to eat four patterns. 

How to eat Tebasaki

I like the method of removing a joint and extracting a bone in a mouth. 

Only bone

If a tebasaki is hot, it is easy to perform it.

It's very good.

And it is slightly sweet.
The sesame is good, too.

I make an additional order .

Timing is important. 

It is not good to order it when finished eating all.
It is necessary to wait until it is carried. 

It is difficult to order to the timing for which it is not necessary to wait.

I ordered additionally, when it decreased to four piece. 

However, it was slightly late. 

Additionally order

Meanwhile, I ate a Ume-kurage.

We can bring Tebasaki home. 

I can eat again in a house after eating it which is delicious at a izakaya.

There is a store specializing in take-outs of tebasaki of this izakaya in the underground shopping center of Nagoya Station.
Convenient to eat at home after work. 
Convenient to eat with the Shinkansen.

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