Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yaeyama and the Okinawa travel report Part23 Ishigaki airport

We check out after breakfast.

We can take Buss from this hotel to Ishigaki Airport.
An adult, 510 yen one way.
It operates according to the time of an airplane.

In a taxi, 2500 yen.

To an airport

We are three persons.
We went to the airport by taxi.
It is only 20 minutes.

Sign to Ishigaki Airport

I shopping in Ishigaki Airport.

Ishigaki Airport

There are some shop.
I buy a souvenir.

Airport Shop

Ishigaki beef Hamburg steak is popular.
I bought it for myself.

Since it is freezing, I cannot bring home.
I send it.

It was reasonable.

Ishigaki beef Hamburg steak

Since it was very reasonable, I did not think that it was delicious.

It cooked and ate at home.


It is a very ordinary taste.
It is the ground meat which salty taste.

Nevertheless, it is delicious.

Sauce is unnecessary.
It is delicious only with meat.


It is delicious with bread.

The others, it is a smoke-dried cuttlefish.
The Yaeyama kamaboko is also delicious.

Keep Refrigerated.
I have deliver it.

The chocolate of Ishigaki Island Loyce is also delicious.
Kokuto rusk.
It is not too sweet.

Character of Yaeyama"Pikarya"


It looks like "Bu-suka".
The map of the island of Yaeyama is drawn on the chest.
It seems to be stain.

The bought souvenir

I was sitting down and resting.
There was Soba snack bar.

Soba snack bar

I ate a little Yaeyama soba.
I have not eaten perfect soba.

However, I ate much breakfast.
To lunch, it is still early.

I ate

In fact, i ate.

Tasty soup of the Dashi and the Yaeyama soba where a section is round.
It was good to eat.


There are some light meals besides Soba.

The flight time to Naha is 1 hour.
It is served a drink in the airplane.

I ate "Ju shi kamaboko" which I bought at Ishigaki Airpor in the airplanet.

Ju shi kamaboko

I bought this.
Soba was also eaten.

I eat it in the inside of a plane

Because I wanted to eat it.
Because it looked delicious.
Because I wanted to eat something on the flight.

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