Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kumano-Shirahama travel report Part01 B class gourmet Tonteki

We went to travel of Kumano Sanzan worship.
UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.
We start in the evening.

We ate supper in the Gozaisho service area.

Gozaisho service area

Gozaisho service area

This service area has the dish of this area.
Udon Restaurant famous for Kishimen noodles.


The famous Miso nikomi udon Restaurant.

Miso nikomi udon

Chicken dish.

We eat the food of Mie Prefecture.

Yokkaichi specialty Tonteki

The gourmet of Yokkaichi.

Pork steak.

Here also has Miso katsu.


The saute of the thick slice pork.
Seasoning is sauce.

Tonteki set meal
It seems to yummy.
It is visible to deep seasoning.
A lot of cabbages.


Pork is tender.


The saute degree which meat does not become hard.
Good Job.

In seasoning, Worcestershire sauce is a base.

A deep color 

It made me want to eat rice.

Something is between pork.
Not understood by the color of sauce.

I understand it in a form.

I eat it.
Good saute degree.

That's right.


This is 5 or 6 pieces.
It is very good.
I like a garlic.

I am sorry to be stinking.

There is a dressing of a salad.
For cabbages.
Creamy orange.

However, the taste is deep sauce of a balk.

Therefore, a dressing is unnecessary.

Gyu-meshi of Japanese beef
Bento of the famous beef Restaurant of Kuwana.

Beef dish Restaurant

The beef rice of Japanese black cattle was eaten.

Number one

This is also delicious.

Gyu-meshi Beef rice
Beef of somewhat sweet seasoning.
It is on the rice.

Full of beef





Deep fried dish.

Chicken Stick

It seems to yummy.

A batter is crispy.
It seems to be snack.

Pork, Beef and Chicken.
I ate all kinds.

Souvenir shops

Many souvenir shops are also located in this service area.


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