Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shirakawa-go and Hokuriku travel report Part02 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan,Shirakawa-go

UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Gassho-zukuri village.
Shirakawa-go's largest village and main attraction.

From Nagoya, it goes through Tokai Hokuriku Expressway. 
A nearby interchange is "Shirakawa-go" 

Stroll the village

A car is parked in a parking lot. 
If a bridge is crossed, there is a village.


Gassho-zukuri house can be seen. 
The old private house is built everywhere. 

Scenery of the entrance of a village 

There are many tourists. 
That will be because this is world heritage. 
There are also a lot of foreign tourists. 

Many tourists 

We can approach a Gassho-zukuri house. 
The house has a restaurant or a shop inside. 
In such a house, we can go into inside. 

There is also a house in which people live. 
In such a house, we cannot go into inside. 

Tourist home

The scenery seen from a distance is also wonderful. 
There are a rice field and a field. 
The flower is in bloom. 

Sunflower, a rice field, and a Gassho-zukuri 
Good scenery can be enjoyed. 

There is an observatory. 
The north side of the village. 
They are ruins of a castle. 

I recommend to go here. 
It is an ascent hill. 
The bus operates. 

The hill to an observatory
The village can be overlooked from an observatory. 

It is the scenery seen with the photograph. 

Gassho-zukuri village
There is a value in going there.

Return is a downward slope.

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