Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sweet taste of the beginning of autumn ,A chestnut at Nakatsugawa

Autumn has came. 
However, it is still hot. 

I go to eat this Sweet taste every year. 

Nakatsugawa is a city located in Gifu Prefecture. 
It can arrive from Nagoya in 1 hour. 

The Nakatsugawa interchange is the nearest. 
This Sweets shop has a big signboard. 


I eat Chestnut Sweets
We arrived here at before noon.

The place to eat 

We decided to eat Sweets in front of lunch. 

This Sweets shop is very popular. 
Many people come here in the afternoon. 

Therefore, I decided to eat Sweets before lunch.

We were able to sit down without waiting. 

Inside the shop
We placed an order for Kuri-shiratama
We came to eat this. 
Limitation in September.

Only this season

The season is still somewhat hot. 

This shop else has some Sweets. 

Usually menu

However, almost all visitors are eating Kuri-shiratama. 

The vessel of glass. 
With ice. 

It is the first time in one year that I came here. 


Taste of a very deep sweet chestnut. 

It does not thin by ice. 
It is delicious much. 

Mimi-san is pleased

I am sad when it decreases.

The taste of autumn was eaten. 
Therefore, Summer is over . 

I like nozawana. 

A salty taste of nozawana 

I buy kurikinton
The Japanese-sweets store is managing this shop. 
The Japanese-sweets store very famous for Nakatsugawa. 
Japanese sweets are sold. 

Wagashi shop

Japanese sweets of this season. 


Kurikinton is Japanese sweets famous for this district. 


This is very delicious. 
I bought some kurikinton. 

This is not necessarily sold all the year round. 
Only autumn. 

Inside the shop

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