Sunday, October 13, 2013

Asuka cycling KHS Part04 Tachibana dera temple

I went to Asuka in Nara.

It is Tachibana-dera that we visited first in Asuka.

There is a signboard to Tachibana-dera in a road.

Signboard to Tachibana-dera

Admission fee 350 yen.


Tachibana-dera is a temple which has a connection to Prince Shotoku.

Prince Shotoku

The principal image is Prince Shotoku.
I learned that Prince Shotoku and Buddhism have a deep edge by the lesson of the history of a school.


A temple that The principal image is Prince Shotoku is unique.

The remains of a five-storied pagoda

There were some Prince Shotoku images in Hondo.

The inside of Hondo is the ban on photography.
Therefore, there is no photograph.

I went to get a Shuin.

However, I forget to bring a Shuin book.

Therefore, I bought a Shuin book.



It is written as "Shotokuden".

The highlight of this temple.

Two faces.
Human's right and wrong are expressed.

The right and wrong
There is Shinran saint image in the temple.

Shinran saint image

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